Pushkar, Rajasthan, India


Foothills Camps , is a Mountainside jungle camp far from the highway and away from everyone else. The pleasant sound of the birds & animals on the mountain echoes and camping around such an amazing natural surroundings is a lifetime experience in itself. “Foothills sits on the threshold looking east towards the ancient city of Pushkar, which offers an unsurpassable antiquity, looking south to the undulating landscape of the Thar Desert and looking amidst to the beautiful huge Aravalli’s range with its raw natural beauty “


The Sukoon has Stripes of Sky Blue with beautiful appealing traditional blocks printed on it & the off-white wall-to-wall carpet to gives the aesthetic looks , sound-proof walkings & to keep the temperature controlled in winters . .Beautiful chandeliers & table lamps also the eye-catching of tents .


Beauty @ Foothills